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An online shop for folklore music (CD and DVD), Bulgarian traditional instruments and costumes, souvenirs, books and learner’s books for Bulgarian language, icons, carpets from Chiprovtsi and other articles connected to Balkan folklore.

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Ансамбъл "Зорница" и Фолклорен танцов театър "Родина" заеха първото място
На 19 януари 2019 г в НДК - зала 11 бяха раздадени наградите от Националната годишна класация на Фондация „Българско танцово изкуство“.

Наградата на публиката за самодеен състав получи Фолклорен танцов театър „Родина“, Варна

Наградата на публиката за професионален ансамбъл получи Професионален фолклорен ансамбъл „Странджа“, Бургас

Наградите на публиката са базирани на най-много изпратени SMS.

Награди за цялостно представяне от самодейните състави получиха:
22 January 2019 - Зала 11, НДК, София

• Най-големият самодеен ансамбъл подарява коледен спектакъл на Пловдив
• 16th Children's Folk Dance Competition
• Folklore Dance Panorama 2018 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
• National annual ranking 2018 of Bulgarian Dance Art Foundation
• Bulgarian Dance Charity Campaign

Picture Galleries
Pictures of details of Bulgarian folk costumes Folklore Dance Panorama 2018 in Burgas Folk Dance Panorama 2018 in Plovdiv - Bulgaria
Pictures of details of Bulgarian folk costumes
Pictures of details of Bulgarian folk costumes made in Atelier Balkanfolk. Photos of coats, shirts, jackets, towels, pinafores and other items.
2 January 2019

The Download category includes folklore songs and instrumental melodies performed by different folklore singers and musicians.
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Dunavsko horo Zornitsa Orchestra 62247
Trite pati Zornitsa Orchestra 60915
Yove malaj mome Zornitsa Orchestra, Hristina Boteva 48749
Pravo trakijsko horo Zornitsa Orchestra 47319
Svatbarska rachenitsa Zornitsa Orchestra 46227

Free Mp3
Talima Zornitsa Orchestra
Ratsinata Zornitsa Orchestra
Djinovsko Zornitsa Orchestra
Sitnoto Zornitsa Orchestra
Kolishar Zornitsa Orchestra

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Balkanfolk’s donation initiative for Bulgarian cultural houses

In honor of 24 May – the Day of Slavonic alphabet and Bulgarian enlightenment and culture Balkanfolk donates 5 Bulgarian folklore music CDs to every Bulgarian cultural house.

List of Bulgarian Cultural House
List of Bulgarian Cultural House by Regions

Directory of groups and organizations using music legally Balkanfolk

  Atelier for Folklore Costumes

Atelier for manufacturing folklore costumes: production of males, women's and children's folk costumes (narodni nosii) from different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

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FOLKLORING in Bulgaria with Dilyana Kurdova, July 2019 - Dance/Song/Sightseeing trip
26 Jul 2019 - 5 Aug 2019
NW Bulgaria - villages and towns
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Workshop for Balkan Folklore Balkanfolk 2011

Dance, Play, Sing, Have Fun!

Goodbye 2010 !  .... Seminar 2011 is already underway .... !

The official launch of the new edition of Balkanfolk 2011 will take place in December 2010. Feel free to return to our site for further information.

Balkanfolk 2010 seminar was an excellent and great year ! Find here some photos of Koprivshtitsa Balkanfolk 2010. 

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