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Фолклорен туризъм
26 юли 2019 - 5 авг 2019
NW Bulgaria - villages and towns

Изпрати имейл  Уеб сайт
FOLKLORING in Bulgaria with Dilyana Kurdova, July 2019 - Dance/Song/Sightseeing trip

FOLKLORING is a 10-day folklore experience with traditional Bulgarian dancing and singing and will be from 26th July until 5th August.

This year FOLKLORING will concentrate on the area of North West Bulgaria which borders Serbia and Romania. This part of the country presents us with a multicultural folklore heritage of the local Vlachs, as well as of the mountain villages and of the meadow population.
We will have numerous dance and song workshops given by locals from different villages around Vidin and Montana. Of course, we will visit many beautiful places, monasteries, have picnics, a boat trip, parties and above all – good times!

For more info, please check the flyer at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c5h3x0xc5p8233f/AAC16WKvcJhuWHLgRQ1D_s-Ra?dl=0

and/ or write to kurdova@gmail.com with your questions!

Have a FOLKLORING year!

Dilyana Kurdova
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