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Balkanfolk launches its YouTube channel
Balkanfolk launches its YouTube channel

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Balkanfolk launches its YouTube channel
16 May 2019 - Internet

From today you can listen to Bulgarian music for dances on the YouTube channel of Balkanfolk. We start with Graovsko, Kutsata, Kasamsko, Kayma and Kulskoto and every week we will add muzic for three new dances from our rich collection.

For 20 years Balkanfolk has been producing and publishing music for dances and folk songs. In our collection there are more than 300 Bulgarian dances from all the ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

Kutsata / Zornitsa Orchestra / Producer Balkanfolk
Хоро от Добруджанска етнографска област, тактов размер 5/8

Kulskoto / Zornitsa Orchestra / Producer Balkanfolk

Kasamsko / Zornitsa Orchestra / Producer Balkanfolk

Kaima / Zornitsa Orchestra / Producer Balkanfolk

Graovsko / Zornitsa Orchestra / Producer Balkanfolk

Vangelio, gizdava devojko / VFG Zornitsa / Producer Balkanfolk

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Boris Dimitrov

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