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Balkanfolk Workshop 2007 Opening Today, July 15

Participants from 10 countries are arriving from all continents to join the practical seminar for Balkan folklore Balkanfolk 2007. The Opening is today at Hotel Jeravna, in Bankya, a resort by Sofia.

The courses offer a wide range of subjects connected to Balkan folklore, amongst which Bulgarian dances, Romanian dances, Serbian dances, Bulgarian folk singing and all traditional Bulgarian instruments. Classes are divided into beginners and advanced for better comprehension and some of them offer an individual approach.

15 julio 2007 - Bankya, Bulgaria
Vera Genova
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Vitosha 2007 International Folklore Festival in Sofia Begins

The 11th edition of the International folklore festival Vitosha 2007 was launched yesterday, 14 July in Sofia. A street procession started at 7 pm in front of the National Palace of Culture, passed along Vitosha Blvd and ended in the City garden, where an official opening was held at 8 pm.

Participants are from Indonesia, Italy, China, Lithuania, Georgia, Korea, Hungary, Venezuela, Romania, Cyprus, Armenia and Bulgaria.

14 julio 2007 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Balkanfolk Team
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Folk dance ensemble “Zornitsa” won The Golden Carnation!

On 07.07.2007, while in Bulgaria hundreds of couples were saying “I do” in front of the alter, hoping that the number 7 will bring them happiness in their marriage, under the bright sky of Yalova, Turkey, the dancers from ensemble “Zornitsa” were receiving loud applause from the audience gathered to watch the final competition of the 21 st International Folklore Festival “The Golden Carnation”.

8 julio 2007 - Yalova, Turkey
Ivailo Parvanov
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First International Folklore Festival "Pautaliya" 2007

2 julio 2007 - Kyustendil
Boris Dimitrov
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  Орфееви празници "Смолян 2007"

През вчерашния ден (23 юни) на Петнайстите международни младежки фолклорни Орфееви празници се изявиха 2180 участници от различни краища на страната и всички гости от чужбина. Площад “България” се тресеше от песни танци и ритми. 32-градосувата жега по Целзий не можа да спре устрема на децата. Красив подарък за гражданите и гостите на Смолян бяха изпълненията на гостите от Грузия, Турция, Сърбия, Гърция, Унгария и Естония. До късния следобед продължиха изявите на двете естради.

24 junio 2007 - Смолян
Balkanfolk Team
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  Present for NSFA "Philip Kutev" - Kotev

The Director of Silver Dollar City World-Fest, Mr. Rex Burdette, in 2005, was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria a silver medal “Simeon the Great – the Golden Age of Bulgaria” for his contribution to the promotion of Bulgarian folklore in the United States of America. At the end of this year’s edition of the Festival, Mr. Burdette asked Mrs. Yanka Docheva, Managing Director of “World Music Events – Bulgaria” Ltd. to deliver for him a present to the National School of Folklore Arts "Philip Kutev" – Kotev.

20 junio 2007 -
Balkanfolk Team
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Presentation of traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts in USA

The presentation of traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts in the largest international festival of the United States, Silver Dollar City World-Fest, was expectedly successful during this year’s edition of this forum.

“World Music Events – Bulgaria” Ltd. organized the presentation and the selection of the participating crafters belongs to Yanka Docheva. For the fourth time, Vesselin Feschiev, the weaver from Veliko Turnovo, demonstrated his master-craftsmanship before the audiences of the Mid-West.

19 junio 2007 -
Balkanfolk Team
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Звездите на българския фолклор в уникалния спектакъл "Огънят български"

Министерството на културата съвместно с Национален дворец на културата представя на 20 юни /сряда/ от 19 ч. в зала 1 на НДК Музикално-танцовия спектакъл „ОГЪНЯТ БЪЛГАРСКИ”.

Спектакълът е атрактивно съчетание на ярки образци на народното музикално творчество. Той е вдъхновен от уникалната палитра на нашия фолклор, представен от емблематични изпълнители от всички фолклорни области.

15 junio 2007 - Национален Дворец на Културата, София
Balkanfolk Team
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Balkan Festival of Academic Youth

The city of Varna was the kind host of the First Balkan Folk Student Festival from June 8th – 10th 2007.

The idea for the festival was born last year when the Students’ Councils of five universities from Varna decided to organize a local folk competition. This idea developed into creating a bigger festival which would give groups from all over the Balkans the chance to participate. The criteria was the wish of the local groups to participate and the only condition was that all those taking part were students of the universities their groups were going to represent.

12 junio 2007 - Varna
Slavka Karakusheva
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Las danzas «nestinar»

En la festividad de San Constantino y Santa Elena, el 21 de mayo según el calendario ortodoxo, se practica en Bulgaria un misterioso rito, el de las danzas «nestinar»

Hombres y mujeres descalzos bailan sobre brasas. Son los llamados nestinar y el trance que experimentan durante la danza los hace clarividentes. Ejecutan los ritos nestinar sólo algunos iniciados, vecinos de dos pequeñas aldeas en la montaña Strandzha, en el sureste de Bulgaria. Esta misteriosa y espectacular tradición no ha encontrado aún explicación contundente.

6 junio 2007 -
Balkanfolk Team
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