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Boris’ Gardens – a stage for performance for the little on the day of Slavic alphabet and cultur

More than 250 children will meet to compete for the children’s folklore celebration "Unforgettable childhood" on 24 May 2008 from 11 AM in Sofia, at the open-air stage at Boris’s Gardens. Old-times popular games will be represented, which used to be part of the routine of our grandfathers and grandmothers – "Catch Over", "Slaves", "Sack Race". They will compete for leadership at each of the games.

24 May 2008 - Sofia, Boris’ Gardens
Emil Genov
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  “Уникалност, шепот, красота в българските гоблени” изложба на Росица Бакалова

На 12 май 2008 г., от 17 часа залата на компания “HILD” на ул. ”Шипка” № 7 отваря врати за изложбата на Росица Бакалова “Уникалност, шепот, красота в българските гоблени”.

Родолюбива българка, внучка на комита от Дряновската епопея, авторката е посветила повече от двадесет години в разработването на модели за гоблени предимно на българска тематика. На тази изложба ще се докоснете до шепота на историята, красотата на бита, неповторимостта на българската природа. Всичко тук е един своеобразен прозорец към българската култура.

12 May 2008 - София, залата на компания “HILD”
Boris Dimitrov
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‘Crossroads’ – a Premiere of the Philip Koutev Ensemble

On 26 May 2008 Philip Koutev national folklore ensemble will perform the premiere spectacle ‘Crossroads’ in the frames of the 13th Salon des Arts at the National Palace of Culture – Sofia, Bulgaria.

10 May 2008 - Sofia, National Place of Culture
Balkanfolk Team
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Documentary movie “25 Years Ensemble Zornitsa”

The dancers from ensemble “Zornitsa” are writing down step by step with golden letters in the history of the Bulgarian folklore.

The story does not end after 25 years, the story goes on!

Watch on the 9th of May from 21:45 h the premier of the documentary movie “25 Years Ensemble Zornitsa” on MSAT television.

9 May 2008 - MSAT TV, Bulgaria
Ralitsa Iotova
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Kонкурс за детска рисунка “Тъпан бие, хоро се вие” - победители

Халиме Ахмед Ахмед от СОУ “Св. Кирил и Методий”, с. Самуил, Област Разград и Снежана Росенова Димитрова от детски арт-клуб “Гея” към Общински детски комплекс, гр. Ловеч са победителите в международния конкурс за детска рисунка “Тъпан бие, хоро се вие”, организиран от Община Монтана.

На второ място се класирани Лидиа Мак Хо Йи от школа “Simply Art” – Хонконг, Китай, и Рудра Яйеш Кансара от Mudra School of Finearts – India.

На почетната трета позиция останаха Эла Гордиенко от Детската школа по изкуствата № 6 в гр. Владимир – Русия и Георги Петров Стефанов от Основно оздравително училище, гр. Берковица, Област Монтана.

9 May 2008 - Монтана, България
Boris Dimitrov
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Изложба живопис “Моми и звънци”

Днес 8 май в 19 часа в Галерия ТЕА се открива изложба – живопис на младия и талантлив български художник Вили Николов. Темата “Моми и звънци” обединява 27 платна, в които художникът създава един вечен и фантастичен свят, населяван от моми и момци, овчари и кукери, бели църкви и китни къщи, вакли овце и шарени петли.

8 May 2008 - София, България
Boris Dimitrov
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Folklore-BG Monthly Electronic Magazine

FOLKLORE-BG is the monthly electronic magazine for Bulgarian folklore. Each issue will present to you one of the best Bulgarian ensembles, one traditional custom, one of our beautiful horo dances and, of course, one delicious and typical Bulgarian dish. On the pages of FOLKLORE-BG you will find not only useful and interesting information about the folklore, but also video materials, traditional music and pictures from the beautiful Bulgaria. We will introduce to you dances and music from all regions of Bulgaria, stage dances, dances for the public, costumes and traditions – the color and essence of the folklore.

1 May 2008 - Bulgaria
Ivailo Parvanov
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Bulgarian vocal formation Divna publishes its first CD

The first CD of Bulgarian vocal formation Divna has been launched on musical market. It is a production of ‘Divna Art’ Company and financially supported by the State Agency For Youth and Sports. The CD’s cover is very impressive and stylish (arranged ethno motives escaping from the vivid colorfulness) as its conception for the repertoire is. As Galya Haralambieva put into words: ‘The idea is to make it lyrical, light and not overloading…make the listener feel like being about to start singing’.

25 April 2008 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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Bulgarian Folklore Song is a Little Miracle

During the Multinational festival in Canberra in February this year I had the chance to meet an exceptional Bulgarian. She was in Canberra for the only reason to see the performance of ‘Varna’ ensemble.

She is a woman having passed though an awful personal tragedy and despite this fact she is still strong enough to do her best to make the Bulgarian culture and folklore popular here, in the distant Australia.

16 April 2008 - Australia
Adriana Andreeva – Tabisz
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Bulgarian Folklore Heritage – Kosta Kolev

Gega New Music Company adds a new recording to its series entitled ‘Bulgarian Folklore Heritage’, a recording of songs and instrumental pieces by Kosta Kolev. Some of his most popular arrangements are included: ‘Haramiisko horo’, ‘Zaiko, kukuraiko’, ‘Kalimanku, Denaku mari’, ‘Lyulka se liulya, devoiko’, ‘Chie e tova momiche’, ‘Proviknal mi se e Nikola’, ‘Rossen, rossen’, ‘Krivo plovdivsko horo’, etc. The singers are the most famous Bulgarian performers: Kostadin Gugov, Yanka Rupkina, The Ensemble for Folklore Songs at Bulgarian National Radio, Kostadin Varimezov – gaida, Kaicho Kamenov, Nedyalka Keranova, Trakia ensemble from Plovdiv, Stoyan Velichkov – kaval, Boris Mashalov, Elena Bojkova, traditional orchestra at Bulgarian National Radio, Maria Leshkova, Boris Karlov – accordion, Verka Siderova, Rosa Tsvetkova, Nikola Ganchev – kaval and Kosta Kolev – accordion.

2 April 2008 - Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
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