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010140 - Kalinka Zgurova - Strandja Folk Songs
Artist: Kalinka Zgurova
Label: Gega New
Year: 2008

Price: €10.00 €7.00
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Kalinka Zgurova started singing on stage when she was only 11 years old. The songs composed by her continue the tradition of her nameless predecessors and are easily integrated into every folk programme. A part of them have been included in this release and they can be inferred only by the information in the booklet.
Many performers of folk songs today look for ways of making folklore sound more up-to-date, but a few of them are successful. Kalinka Zgurova is very careful with regard to the “electronic” arrangements. In spite of their “modern apparel”, her songs are true to the original source.
1 Dali’i Velika sgodena 2'28"                      
2 Boyu le, pravna pravnino 3'14"                      
3 Zapravi Georgi kaldaram 2'41"                      
4 Slantseto treperi 2'26"                      
5 Gore mi horo stanalo 2'27"                      
6 Niz loze hodi Dragana 4'32"                      
7 Naberi mi, Yano, bialo grozde 2'01"                      
8 Haide, momi, da tropnem 2'13"                      
9 Pogledni, male le 1'56"                      
10 Stoyan na Zlata dumashe 3'26"                      
11 Karshi Todora lyulyaka 2'23"                      
12 Mene me, Stanko, pisaha 4'50"                      
13 Na Ugrash, na polyanata 2'24"                      
14 Ne barzai, Vido 2'10"                      
15 Lazar kon sedlae 2'02"                      
16 Niamalo momtsi za Doina 2'43"                      
17 Ochi, shalavi, palavi 2'53"                      
18 Stoyan ot niva ideshe 4'43"                      
19 Otkak Milkana zalyubih 3'20"                      
20 Kade, Nikola, otivash 2'37"                      
21 Ya stani, sino, da kajesh 3'59"                      

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