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XX.Intern.Flower & Folkdance Festıval
3 май 2017 - 8 май 2017
İzmir - TURKEY

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XX.Intern.Flower & Folkdance Festıval

Anatolıan Folk Dance Organızatıon XX.Intern.Bayındır Flower & Folk Dance Festıval İZMİR – TURKEY
03 – 08 May 2017
XX.Internatıonal Bayındır Flower & Folk Dance Festıval..
01. 5 nıghts,6 days (Full board - breakfast – Lunch and dinner) in hotel (Rooms 1/2 or 1/3 persons, ) in the cıty of Bayındır / İzmir... 02. There will be receptıon groups at the İzmir Airport until the arrival of the participating troupes.The troupes Which arrive by bus,will use their own wehicle for the same activities and 100 litres of diesel oil will be given Them by the committee. 03. An english speaking interpreter for each troupe will be ready.
RESPONSIBILITIES OF FOREIGN TROUPES 01. Each participating troupe is consisted of 25 members 02. The persons has to be from over 17 years old. 03. Each troupe is requested to have own insurance covered including medical insurance during the trip. 04. The participating troupes are requested to arrive in Bayındır on 03 May 2017 and depart on 08 May 2017.. 05. Each troupe should bring flags of their countries with them. 06. All of the shows are with live music or recorded music… 07. Each group is required to perform on stage 3 or 4 times of 10-15 min. 08. There will be 2 times gift exchanges during the festival. 09. Partıcıpatıon fee,per person 65 euro during the festıval OTHER INFORMATIONS 01.The average temperature during 03 - 08 May 2016 is 35/28 C. 02.The healty services at the hospital in our city are extremely good and available. 03.Electricity is 220 volts in Turkey.
Contact person : Arif Sonmez info@anatolianfolk.org www.anatolianfolk.org

Arif Sönmez

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