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Folk Seminar Plovdiv
18 юли 2018 - 24 юли 2018
Academy of Dance, Music and Arts, Plovdiv

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Folk Seminar Plovdiv

2018 Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, July 18 – July 24, 2018

Online registration for the Seminar is open: http://www.folkseminarplovdiv.net/

This Seminar, now in its 14th year, offers a very special experience for non-Bulgarians (and Bulgarians interested in connecting with their "roots" music and dance) who want a more in-depth opportunity to learn traditional instruments, singing styles, and dance than is normally possible for groups or individuals traveling to Bulgaria. This rich and unique program couples the teaching expertise of instructors at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv with the traditional music and dance wisdom of tradition bearers from around Bulgaria. The dance program features different groups of dancers and musicians throughout the week, teaching dances from their own villages/regions.

We are pleased to announce that registration prices have not increased this year!

On our website you will find details about the 2018 teachers, program, daily schedule and prices, and a FAQ section with detailed information about getting to Plovdiv, accommodations, and much more. You can register for the Seminar on the website.

We are continuing our special 15% discount for East European Folklife Center members (a great reason to join the EEFC if you haven't already!). Students from past years have raved about their experiences at the Seminar.

Check out our Facebook page: "Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar, Plovdiv" (or just search "Plovdiv Folk Seminar") and "like" us! Help us build our fan base!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Larry Weiner
Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar - International Program Coordinator
Silver Spring, MD 20910
tel: 301-565-0539


Dilyana Kurdova
Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar - International Program Coordinator
Cell (from outside Bulgaria): 011-359-887-990-321
Cell (from within Bulgaria): 0887-990-321
[Dilyana is a native Bulgarian speaker who also knows English and Greek, plus some German and Russian.]

Dilyana Kurdova

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19 яну 2019
19:00 ч., зала 11 на НДК, София

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