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Нов албум на народната певица Мария Германова

Повече от 40 години Мария Германова пее във фолклорни групи, а две десетилетия е солистка на народния хор към Тракийското дружество “Капитан Петко войвода” във Варна. Нейни изпълнения присъстват в не един албум на хора. Участва активно в многобройните концертни програми на състава из страната, в Македония, Гърция, Литва. В началото на 2007 г. в подножието на Айфеловата кула в Париж 7-8 певици, сред които и Мария, показаха красотата на българския фолклор. “На парижани им беше трудно, но с радост играха нашенско хоро”, споделя певицата.

4 November 2007 - Варна, България
Balkanfolk Team
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“Zornitsa” Ensemble was a guest to “Days of Friendship” in Luxembourg

From 26 to 29 October 2007 Hesperange, Luxembourg, was a host municipality of the festival “Days of Friendship”, in which “Zornitsa” ensemble took part upon the invitation of Bulgarian-Luxembourg association “Club 93”.

2 November 2007 - Luxembourg, Hesperange
Emil Genov
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Концерт за Деня на народните будители на НЧ „Антон Страшимиров”

На 30.10.2007 г. народно читалище „Антон Страшимиров” гр. София организира концерт послучай 1 ноември – Ден на народните будителите. В концерта състоял се на сцената на кино „Влайков” от 18 ч. взеха участие групи от читалището: хор „Мадригал”, хор „Ран Босилек” и Фолклорна група „Жасмин”.

31 October 2007 - София, България
Boris Dimitrov
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A Concert on the Occasion of the 25th Anniversary of “Martenica” Ensemble from Budapest

Today, “Balkan” dance ensemble at “Tsar Boris III” cultural club in Sofia came back from Budapest, where it was an official guest to a very special occasion – the 25th anniversary of the ensemble for Bulgarian folklore dances “Martenitsa”. On 20 October 2007 in the full hall of MOM in the Hungarian capital people spoke a unifying language – the language of Bulgarian folklore. No need to talk a lot, but just glance to the eyes of the dancers from “Martenitsa”, who showed pure love to Bulgarian folklore, to our traditions, to the temperament of the Bulgarians.

22 October 2007 - Budapest, Hungary
Detelina Sotirova
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Изложба "България страна на древни цивилизации" в Австралия.

Изложба «България страна на древни цивилизации» бе открита в Канбера, столицата на Австралия.

Това е втората историческа изложба, която дружество „Младост” прави в рамките на една година в Канбера.

След „Златни страници на българското средновековие” сега бе открита изложбата „България страна на древни цивилизации”.

14 October 2007 - Канбера, Австралия
Balkanfolk Team
read in: Български
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Over 3000 Participants in “Maleshevo Sings and Dances”

Over 3000 artists sang, danced and played music in the fourth international folklore festival “Maleshevo sings and dances”, held from 12 to 14 October in the village of Mikrevo, municipality of Strumyani. This year’s festival was under the patronage of the Bulgarian Prime-Minister Sergei Stanishev, Strumyani Municipality and “Old Bulgaria” Foundation announced.

Besides the Bulgarian performance, during the three festival days, the open stage in the village of Mirkovo showed ensembles and artists from Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Belarus and Kosovo.

11 October 2007 - the village of Mikrevo, Bulgaria
Balkanfolk Team
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The Kukeri Festival “Surva” launches a new site

The new site of the International Masquerade Games “Surva” held in the town of Pernik, Bulgaria is ready. The new design and the very good structure of www.surva.org gives a wide range of information in Bulgarian and English about the history, the regulations and the forthcoming editions of the festival.

The application forms for participation in the 17th edition of the festival, which will be held from 25 to 27 January 2008, can be downloaded from the site, as well as finding a beautiful wallpaper of the festival for your monitor.

1 October 2007 - Pernik, Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
read in: English Български
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Museums and Art Galleries Open Gratis

Days of open doors were announced from 28 to 30 September in Bulgaria. The cultural institutes provided for a free entrance on the occasion of European days of heritage in Bulgaria for the 9th time.

From 28 to 30 September National History Museum opened all halls. National Art Gallery showed its permanent exposition and the exhibitions of Rossitsa Stanisheva and Ivan Milev. A videowall in front of the gallery displayed documentaries connected to its activities.

28 September 2007 - Bulgaria
Boris Dimitrov
read in: English Български
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New folk CD of Mladen Koynarov

The Gega New Publishers released a new album (Voice of the Rhodopes) with 19 songs performed by folk singer Mladen Koynarov, who has one of the most beautiful voices in the region of Rhodopes, South Bulgaria. The songs are accompanied by Georgi Mussorliev - gaida, Peter Yanev - gaida, orchestra of the “Rhodopa” Folk Songs and Dances Ensemble - Smolyan, Bulgarian National Radio Folk Music Orchestra. Conductors: Lazarin Kisyov, Dobrin Panayotov, Ivan Topalov, Kosta Kolev.

24 September 2007 - Sofia
Gega New
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VII International Folklore Festival "Integration"

From 13th to 20th August, 2007 the city of Poznan, Poland hosted the 7th International Folklore Festival "Integration" 2007.

This year participants in the festival were groups from 5 countries – Russia, Ukraine, Palestine, Bulgaria and Poland. The Bulgarian folklore was represented by student's folklore ensemble "Zornitsa", Sofia. The program of the festival included concerts and parades in four different towns – Leszno, Gniezno, Wronki and Poznan.

22 August 2007 - Poznan, Poland
Ralitsa Iotova
read in: English Български
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