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Vitosha 2007 International Folklore Festival in Sofia (9 photos)

Photos from 11th International Folklore Festival in Sofia (14-20 July, 2007) with partisipating of folklore dance group and ensembles from Indonesia, Italy, China, Lithuania, Georgia, Korea, Hungary, Venezuela, Romania, Cyprus, Armenia and Bulgaria.

14 July 2007
21st International Folklore Festival “The Golden Carnation” - Yalova, Turkey (43 photos)

Photos from 21st International Folklore Festival and 9th Folk Dance Competition “The Golden Carnation” - Yalova, Turkey. During the competition concert dancers from South Korea, Mexico, Columbia, Jordania, Sweden, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Romania and Bulgaria performed their best dances and were being judged by competent jury from elected members from the dancers of each group.

8 July 2007
First International Folklore Festival "Pautaliya" 2007, Kjustendil - Bulgaria (6 photos)

Photos from First International Folklore Festival "Pautaliya" 2007, Kjustendil - Bulgaria, organized by Minicipality of Kyustendil an Cultural club "Bratstvo" from 29th June to 1st July, 2007.

2 July 2007
Presentation of traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts in USA (6 photos)

The presentation of traditional Bulgarian arts and crafts in the largest international festival of the United States, Silver Dollar City World-Fest, was expectedly successful during this year’s edition of this forum.

“World Music Events – Bulgaria” Ltd. organized the presentation and the selection of the participating crafters belongs to Yanka Docheva. For the fourth time, Vesselin Feschiev, the weaver from Veliko Turnovo, demonstrated his master-craftsmanship before the audiences of the Mid-West.

19 June 2007
Balkan Bazaar at USA Festivals (2 photos)

During 2006 Balkan Bazaar appeared at many festivals and folkdance workshops, from Golden Festival in NYC and Rang Tang in Atlanta, to EEFC Balkan Camp in upstate New York, then in the fall,
Autumn Leaves and Celebration of Cultures in Nashville. Texas Camp over American Thanksgiving weekend finishes our year of traveling.

28 May 2007
Bulgarian folk dances performed by "La Ronde Folklorique" on Europe day - 11th May 2007, Lyon - France. (5 photos)

Bulgarian folk dances performed by "La Ronde Folklorique" on Europe day - 11th May 2007, Lyon - France.

Anniversary celebrations of 50 years La Ronde Folklorique - April 9th 2011, Lyon - France

11 May 2007
First Festival for Folklore Clubs and Groups “Horo se vie, izviva” (8 photos)

Pictures from the First Festival for folklore clubs and groups “Horo se vie izviva”, held in Triaditsa Sports Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 22 April, 2007.
This is the first meeting of Bulgarian horo clubs and it occurred thanks to the support of the cultural department at the Triaditsa district in Sofia and, it followed the idea of Eva Delinesheva, who is an executive secretary at “Dimitar Dinev” cultural house.

The second festival "Horo se vie, izviva" well be held on 22 March 2008.

22 April 2007
National Multicultural Festival, Canberra 2007 - Australia (2 photos)

National Multicultural Festival, Canberra 2007. For the first time with Bulgarian participation - Australian-Bulgarian Community "Mladost". Festival official web site: www.multiculturalfestival.com.au

10 February 2007
164 results, 21 pages | 19

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