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Igranka - Bulgarian Folkdance Group in Toronto
Igranka - Bulgarian Folkdance Group in Toronto

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Igranka - Bulgarian Folkdance Group in Toronto
15 November 2007 - Toronto, Canada

Igranka is a group for Bulgarian folk dances from all six ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. It was launched in November 2004 as a school for authentic folkdances, but later a representative dance group spawned off as well.

The name translates as "Folkdance party". The founders, Nedyalko and Katya Tilevi, and their daughter Zlatina, are ex-folk dancers from Bulgaria. They offer workshops and private tuition in dances from all Balkan countries. Nedyalko also plays the tapan (Bulgarian bass drum) and the gaida (Bulgarian bagpipes).

Igranka's representative group has performed at various festive events like national holiday celebrations, church functions, weddings, birthdays, private parties, multinational festivals. Katya and Nedyalko have organised the celebration of some prominent Bulgarian traditions in Toronto: Koledari (on New Year’s Eve), Babin den (Midwife’s Day), St. Trifon’s Day, and the first in the world outside of Bulgaria Koukeri (Mummers’ Day).


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