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'Divna’ to Launch Their First Album
'Divna’ to Launch Their First Album

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'Divna’ to Launch Their First Album
10 December 2007 - Bulgaria

Divna Vocal Formation is preparing their first album of their own. This Bulgarian folklore formation was found in 2005 and became popular by the means of their numerous concerts and appearings on TV. They also contributed to the show at the Batenberg square in Sofia ‘1000 hours to entering the EU’.

‘Divna’ had already had plenty of participations in channel TV7’s programmes, as well as in ‘Rodoliubie’ programme of OKO television in Blagoevgrad. The formation has also shown up at international stages. Together with ‘Bulgarian Voices the Angels’, ‘Divna’ enchanted the audience with the beauty and the various Bulgarian folklore music.

- Bre Petrunko
- Yovano, Yovanke
- Zavilo se oro

Official web site: www.divna.org

Translation in English: Vera Genova

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Boris Dimitrov

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